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Dzao Medical bathing

Red Dao traditional medicinal herb bath

The herbs are used to drink, sauna bathing or hot-soak your feet. Through the years passed, the Red Dao Ethnic Minority still retain the subtlety of those homemade herbal remedies. The traditional herbal bathe of the Red Dao in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam has become a unique tourism product, rich of culture, increasing the attractive to tourists all over the world, would make anyone wants to go back again.


Red Dao people live in mountainous areas and their lifestyle is firmly linked with the forest. They are very good at medicine; their traditional healthcare remedies consist of medicinal herbs, the exact mix of which is preserved as a secret and handed down through the family, only known to the women. Not many people here can identify the right medicinal plants for the herbal bath, as the know-how of identifying the proper herbal plants and leaves is only passed from the mother to her daughters in the family.